Taamal Research is powered by revolutionary research technology, and market-leading analysts, economist and experts who are dedicated to providing timely, superior, and market-shaping insights and practical ideas across asset classes, markets, industries, and local and global economies.

Our extensive investment in research uniquely positioned us to offer our clients proprietary and real-time market insight, analysis and outlook more than any of our competitors. We offer comprehensive asset class-specific and market-wide insights. We have a dedicated Africa research desk who monitors, analyses and issues report about market movements, political and economic developments within major African markets.

Our research capabilities include but not limited to:

Macroeconomics trends and development research

including GDP, inflation and interest rates, FX and general fiscal policies.

Traditional asset class research

including equities, fixed income and credits.

Alternative asset classes research

including derivatives, commodities, swaps etc

Investment strategies research

including asset allocation, risk and investment management comparatives and benchmarking.