Are you driven and passionate about pushing boundaries? Are you convinced about the endless opportunities and potentials Africa possesses more than ever before? Do you want to be part of history by advancing and permanently changing the Africa narrative? Are you a go-getter who doesn’t succumb to obstacles? Do you possess the analytical, innovative, creative and collaborative qualities to perform at the highest level? Do you enjoy being part of far-reaching and real difference?

If you answer yes to one or all of the above questions, we’ll like to hear from you. .

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At Taamal, we are proud of our TAAMAL [Transparency, Accountability, Accessibility, Meticulosity, Agility and Leading] values, and we live by the values in all we do. Working with Taamal, you can be rest assured of limitless career potentials.

Our organisational success is linked to our employees’ career fulfilment and success. When you work at Taamal, you are part of one the worlds’ most creative and diverse workforce. You don’t have to leave any part of you at home when you work for us; we understand, crave, nurture and embrace diversity in all its sense. Diversity is part of our DNA and at Taamal we see diversity as an asset.

At every stage of your career with us, we take active interest in your personal and professional growth, and we assure you of a competitive remuneration. At Taamal, your hard work, ingenuity, and contribution to our organisational success is commensurate with your overall reward. Simply put, we reward hard work and ingenuity with career and leadership progression.

Regardless of where you are in your professional career, we are open to hearing from you.

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