Independent Assurance & Outsourcing Services

Taamal Independent Assurance & Outsourcing Services reinforce the end-to-end comprehensive solutions, experience and journeys our clients access when they engage us. Our assurance and outsourcing services are truly independent in every sense – our strong corporate governance ethos and practices mandate us to keep a visible ‘Chinese wall’ between our assurance and outsourcing services and the rest of our firm.

Leveraging our far-reaching industry, functional, diverse, innovative and global capabilities, we support our clients in solving their assurance and outsourcing needs. Our assurance and outsourcing services not only provide transparency and assurance to investors and capital market practitioners, but also offer alternative and efficient operation via the outsourcing possibilities.



Equipped with modern assurance skills, and governed by industry standards and regulatory requirements, we offer our clients professional services and, complete peace of mind and confidence in all their assurance needs.

Our assurance professionals provide industry-leading and innovative services, which include, but not limited to:


To ensure our clients achieve their overarching business and operational goals and vision, we open up an endless world of outsourcing to them so that they can focus on their core activities and capabilities.

Our outsourcing solutions include but not limited to: